• Lift Capacity: 230kg (2 persons + tools)
    Lift Height: 25.7m
    Maximum Reach: 13.75m
    Height, Mast Lowered: 1.98m
    Overall Width: 1.49m
    Overall Length: 6.34m
    Manufacturer: Hinowa
    Engine: Bi-Energy


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  • What kind of work is it suited to?

    Thanks to its research and development staff and innovative technological design, Hinowa can offer an aerial platform for numerous operations at height. Using this machine will make it easier to perform a wide variety of task, such as:

    • Tree pruning
    • Painting
    • Interior and exterior renovations
    • Cleaning
    • Solar panel installation
    • Bridge maintenance
    • Fun fair maintenance
    • Hotel maintenance
    • Sign installation
    • Roof and gutter maintenance
    • Electrical system installation and maintenance

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High, compact and technologic. The aerial platform Lightlift 33.17 Performance IIIS reaches a working height of 32.60 metres, an outreach of 16.50 metres and its length is, without basket, 5.80 metres.

Thanks to the jib with a ± 90° rotation angle and its particular structure, this machine allows to get around obstacles at height (17-metre Up&Over), and work at negative levels.

Lift Capacity: 230kg (2 persons + tools)
Lift Height: 32.6m

Manufacturer: Hinowa

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The powerful, highly efficient aerial platform for working at height.

The Hinowa Performance series of machines includes the Lightlift 17.75 MK2 aerial platform. The powerful and compact model is highly efficient, featuring high-level technology, developed by the outstanding in-house team, with a safety system allowing precise, fast and reliable operation at heights of up to 17.06 metre

Lift Capacity: 230kg (2 persons + tools)
Lift Height: 17.06m

Manufacturer: Hinowa

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The new version of the aerial platform for working at height, now with even better performance.

The aerial platform Lightlift 20.10 MK3 is the new improved, more modern and technologically advanced version of the well-known MK2 of the Performance range, a safe and high-performance model that allows two operators to work in any condition, with 230 kg load capacity, a true trademark of Hinowa quality, durability and reliability. Suitable for working at a height of up to 20.15 meters, with an exceptional outreach of 9.70 meters, it is available with different power sources.

Lift Capacity: 230kg (2 persons + tools)
Lift Height: 20.15m

Manufacturer: Hinowa

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The Nifty 120T trailer mounted cherry picker is specifically designed to give maximum reach performance from the most compact chassis possible.

By utilising its versatile telescopic upper boom, the Nifty 120T delivers unrivalled working outreach, especially at lower levels where it’s needed most.

Lift Capacity: 200kg (2 persons + tools)
Lift Height: 12.2m

Manufacturer: Hinowa

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